1. What is the full form of sales CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technique that allows you to manage all of your company’s relationships and interactions with current and prospective customers. The purpose is straightforward: to strengthen business relationships. A CRM system assists businesses in staying connected to customers, streamlining activities, and increasing profitability.

2. What is QuickEst?

Quickest means Quick Estimates! Quickest is cloud-based Sales CRM software. It’s mobile friendly and easy to use from any device. Quickest is mainly designed to grow the sales of businesses that are dealing in retail products or B2B services e.g. Solar EPC, Real Estate, Showroom owners, Service consultants, etc.

3. Who can use QuickEst and benefit from it?

QuickEst has a very unique business model. Any business involved in selling products online or offline can be benefited from QuickEst. It helps you manage your customers, generate and send quick estimates, check out the performance of your sales team and get good insights into your business with respect to sales.

 4. Why should I focus more on CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a method for managing customer interactions in an organized manner. CRM’s primary aims are to attract new consumers, retain current customers, and convince former customers to return to the company, as well as to cut marketing expenditures and customer service costs. To remain competitive, all businesses, even hospitals, must attract consumers and improve revenues. CRM can help in this regard.

5. How can CRM software help my business?

CRM software can help you increase your conversion rates and sales productivity by up to 30%. It helps you to focus on the right leads and identify the right opportunities for your business. It brings a professional touch to your work and hence enhances the overall reputation of your brand.

6. What is a cloud-based CRM system?

A cloud-based CRM is a CRM system that is hosted in the cloud servers and enables data access from anywhere (any place & any device with internet access). Furthermore, colleagues from any department (or business unit) can work on the same data at the same time. Cloud CRM software allows you to operate smoothly and securely from a remote location at any time. 

7. Can my work-from-home employees access the system?

Definitely yes, our tool is cloud-based software, any of your work from home or distant employees access the tool and use it for the benefit of the company.

8. Is my sales data secured with CRM?

Absolutely, we value your data and promise to never sell or share it with any 3rd party website owners. Your privacy and security are among our top-notch priorities.

9.How much will QuickEst cost me?

The basic version of our software is absolutely free for you to use. You can send 10 estimates per month using the free version. You can even opt for standard and pro plans once you get a hang of what miracles our software does for you. You can check out the detailed features of all the plans from the pricing section. 

10. How much time does it take to generate an estimate?

Practically, in less than a minute and ideally within 30 secs you can have your client receive the estimate. It is that fast and easy.

11. Can I access QuickEst through my mobile phone?

Yes, from salesman to business owner, everyone in the hierarchy can access QuickEst through their mobile phones just by downloading the QuickEst mobile App designed for both Android/iOS. It is way more convenient to use the mobile application and generate estimates within 30 secs.

12. Can my salesperson link his WhatsApp account with QuickEst?

Yes, your salesperson may link his WhatsApp account or WhatsApp Business account to share the estimates with the clients. Furthermore, the generated estimate PDF can be directly shared also using Gmail or any other platform. 

13. How many users can work together using one account of QuickEst?

14. What details of my sales team should I track as a business owner?

You as the business owner need to keep a track of the daily tasks of your sales team and check their monthly performance. That is sufficient enough for you to know where is the sales team lacking and what necessary actions can be taken to fix the problem. 

15. Can I get analytics and insights of my sales team?

16. How is the estimate PDF auto-generated?

Most of your groundwork is done from our end only. You as a salesperson just need to select the items, select pictures (which u want to display in pdf), testimonials, and Warranty terms and that’s it. Your job is done!

17. Can my sales team edit the auto-generated estimate PDF template?

Of course, the auto-generated PDF can be edited ‘n’ a number of times until you and your client settle on a price feasible for both of you. Each and every time you revise the quotation, make sure to share the updated version with the client. 

18. How efficiently can I get support from the QuickEst team?

19. What upcoming features can I expect to see in QuickEst?

20. How is automatic follow-up working?

Basically, whenever you add a lead, the software provides you with three statuses to choose from. One is in progress, accepted or declined. When the deal is going on, you are supposed to choose in progress which further gives you the option to add a reminder date and time. You will receive a push notification on your mobile phone at the set date and time. The software will remind you to contact the client with a notes section that allows you to write the summary of whatsoever was discussed in the previous meeting.

21. Does CRM send me push notifications?

When you set the reminder date and time and add a reason for the follow-up in the notes, on that day and time the software sends you a push notification on your mobile phone. For example: on a particular day you have 5 follow-up tasks at different times, the App will send you all the notifications at the specified time and ensure that you do not forget to update the new status.

22. What is sales performance (%)?

Sales performance is the criteria for the salesperson to judge his abilities and how efficient he is at work. If a salesperson has 5 tasks for today and he is able to complete only 3 of them today and decides to put the rest 2 for the next day then although his work may be completed at the end of the month it will reflect in the portal that the salesperson has not completed the tasks on given deadline. This when converted to percentage form makes sales performance a percentage. 

23. What is the task completion ratio?

It is the ratio of the number of assigned tasks to the number of completed tasks of a salesperson.